15 Jan

Smart Home Security Features

A blank iPhone is suspended in white space.As we continue barreling into the 21st century with amazing advancements in digital technology, every industry seems to be affected by modern transitions, and the home security industry is no different. There tons of ways that smartphone technology can help you adapt your home security system into something that is more personal and intuitive to the way that we live now. From new locks to specialized video cameras, take a look how some of these incredible home security features can make for a smart, convenient way to keep your home and family a whole lot safer… Read More

01 Jan

Xfinity’s Flawed Security System

The Xfinity logo in red lettersWhile security systems continue to advance and progress as technology brings new tools to keep homes safe, it is important to note that there is no such thing as a security system that is impenetrable. As security engineers get smarter, so too do those who would wish to bypass those security systems. Luckily, most people with that kind of intelligence aren’t going to be looking to break into your home, and probably have their sights set on bigger fish. However, recently, Xfinity’s home security system has been shown to have a major flaw in its design, one that could actually exist throughout the home security industry… Read More